KPD Roll Call: Oct. 29-Nov. 5

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•Called to a 911 hang up in the 300 block of market, nobody was home and the house was secure. Cleared Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Checked the Silver Mountain building up government gulch, as all the lights were on in the building. All doors were secure. Cleared.

•School patrol(s).

•Fire alarm 100 block W. Riverside, Dave Smith building (old school) smoke detected and set off alarm while preparing a morning meal, no fire.



•Checked on a residence having services turned off to see if it was being lived in, looks like it is, but nobody home.

•Follow-up on littering at Mountain View Park, litter has been cleaned up.

•Follow-up on abandoned vehicle, Nickerson’s given directions to the location of the vehicle.

•Neighbor complaint handled over the phone.

•VIN inspection 300 block of McKinley.

•Attempted follow-up at the 400 block of Upper Page Rd. Cleared, negative contact.

•Dispatched to assist County Deputies as a cover unit at a reported domestic in-progress at Big Creek Rd. Cleared, other agency assist.

•Traffic Stop at the 100 block of N. Hill St. Cleared, verbal warning for obstructed plate and invalid license.

•Traffic Stop at the 600 block of Bunker Ave. Cleared, verbal warning for incomplete stop.

•Foot patrol Market, W. Portland.

•Citizen contact 800 Block McKinley Ave. Cleared NAT.

•School patrol.

•Citizen contact at KPD regarding neighbor issues.

•Possible trespass 100 block E. Portland, unfounded as the person was no longer there. Contacted suspected trespasser and a witness stated the person was not trespassing.

•Dispatched to Shoshone Medical Center for suspicious activity. After looking into the matter discovered the activity was nothing criminal and provided the individual with a ride home.

•Assisted K71 with Truck or Treat.

•Handled a traffic complaint on the 500 block of W. Mission Ave. Reporting party requested extra patrols in the area.

•Conducted a traffic stop on the 200 block of E. Cameron Ave. Cleared with a verbal warning.

•Handled a landline request regarding threats. Reporting party just wanted law enforcement to be aware of the issue.

•Citizen contact on the 100 block of Main St. regarding abandoned vehicles. Vehicles are going be marked for tow by K77 at a later date.

•Patrolled the spooky streets of Kellogg.

•Traffic Stop at the 100 block of N. Division St. Cleared, verbal warning for failure to signal and failure to provide insurance.

•Dispatched to a noninjury vehicle crash at the 500 block of W. Riverside Ave. Apparently the sedan that propelled a parked full-size truck from the 70’s into the intersection was only going 25 mph. Cleared, report taken and citation issued for failure to drive with due care.

•Dispatched to a report of disorderly conduct at the 100 block of W. Riverside Ave. Cleared, NAT.

•Dispatched to make contact with a juvenile who was the victim of threats. Follow-up to continue. Cleared, NAT.

•Traffic Stop at the 100 block of W. Cameron. Cleared, verbal warning for incomplete stop.

•K77 Worked on follow-up on his cases.

•Dispatched to the 200 block of W. Cameron Ave. for a pedestrian vs. vehicle. Report was taken.

•Dispatched to a report of a battery at the 600 block of Chestnut St. One male was taken into custody for aggravated battery. Cleared, felony arrest.

•Assisted K72 with an aggravated battery on the 500 block of Chestnut.

•Dispatched to a report of a disturbance between a juvenile and an adult male at the 300 block of Maple St. Just a couple of kids playing. Cleared, unfounded.

•Assisted County Deputies with locating subjects that fled on foot from a crash scene. Cleared, other agency assist.

•Served an arrest warrant at the 100 block of E. Portland. One female was taken into custody. Cleared, misdemeanor arrest.

•Warrant arrest at Cameron Conoco.

•Report of a juvenile party 300 block Riverside Ave. Cleared NAT.

•911 call on the 400 block regarding stalking.

•Citizen contact KPD regarding security issues.

•Dispatched to a welfare check on the 200 block of W. Riverside. While en route, K77 was notified that the individual was A-O-K.

•Report of a DUI driver at the Cameron Conoco and then at Silver Mt Parking lot. Found vehicle said vehicle but did not locate the driver.

•Received a lost dog and booked it into the Kellogg Pound. Cleared, public assist

•Handled a landline request regarding animal issues. Cleared, NAT.

•Well at least the Packers lost.

•Traffic Stop at the intersection of W. Cameron Ave. & Utah St. One male was taken into custody for driving under the influence and possession of a concealed weapon while under the influence. Cleared, misdemeanor arrest.

•Civil paper service, 1 served.

•Case follow-up and citation/interview conducted at KPD for School Bus violation from 10-18-19. Report completed.

•Tagged a vehicle for 48-hour removal 100 block W. Mission. Contacted owner and they stated they were working on contacting Nickerson’s to sign the title over anyway, requested they attempt to contact prior to 11-6-19.

•Parking ticket issued 100 block W. Cameron.

•Attempted contact with subject leaving voicemail over the weekend regarding lost cell phone, no further information and no answer upon calling (not sure if they left the number for the lost phone).

•Possible Fraud 100 block E. Cameron. Not fraud at the moment, but did receive the SCAM phone call from the “Social Security Office.” Advised to monitor credit and contact their office to ensure benefits are not transferred or delivered elsewhere. Referred to other agency. Ok people, The Social Security Administration already has your social security number. Just sayn’.

•Foot patrols McKinley, W. Idaho, Main, Market, Portland.

•Paperwork to court for in-custody.

•Follow-up(s), contacted one person that no longer needed contact (message was left over the weekend, but it was resolved prior to speaking).

•Citizen contact at KPD reference happenings over the weekend and last week.

•Radar patrol on Bunker Ave and Cameron Ave.

•Dispatched to a report of a noninjury vehicle crash. Cleared, report taken and citation issued for a stop sign violation.

•Dispatched to a report of a physical domestic in progress. One subject on scene stated nothing physical occurred. The other party left prior to arrival and was not located. Cleared, NAT.

•Traffic Stop at the 100 block of N. Division St. Cleared, citation issued for driving without privileges.

•Traffic Stop at the 100 block of E. Cameron Ave. Cleared, verbal warning for incomplete stop.

•Traffic Stop on I-90 Westbound at milepost 49. Violations occurred in the city. Cleared, verbal warning for failure to maintain lane.

•Traffic complaint 1 block N. Division, vehicle in the roadway. The vehicle was not in the roadway, but suffered a flat tire and needs repair. Unable to contact/find owner-driver so the vehicle was tagged for removal at dark...checked later on in the day and the vehicle was gone.

•Welfare check 100 block S. Division. Subject not at home, later found location after doing some digging. Subject is good.

•Found property (identity type items) returned to the issuing locations.

•Foot patrols Main, McKinley, W. Idaho, Portland, Market.

Be happy, be safe, hug your mom.

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