KPD Roll Call: Feb. 5-12

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KPD shot of the week.

•Dispatched to an animal complaint at the 600 block of N. Hill St. One party left prior to my arrival. Contact was made and the responsible party was advised to keep the animals under control. Cleared, Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

• Located a wanted subject at the 10 block of Jacobs Gulch Rd. who fled on foot after being advised of their warrant. A foot pursuit was initiated and the male was taken into custody for an outstanding arrest warrant, resisting and obstructing, concealing evidence, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of paraphernalia. Just an FYI, running doesn’t help your case after you get caught. Cleared, felony arrest....

•Motorist assist at the intersection of Government Gulch & McKinley Ave. One male was taken into custody for an outstanding arrest warrant, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of paraphernalia. Cleared, misdemeanor arrest.

•Report and evidence work.

•Attempted to locate a subject for civil paper service but was unable to locate throughout the day.

•Requested to assist Pinehurst Police as a cover unit for a civil stand by. Cleared, other agency assist.

•Assisted Pinehurst PD in their city on Lewiston Ave. for trespassers.

•Conducted paper service on the 200 block of E. Idaho.

•Assisted District 2 EMS with a semi-conscious individual on the 200 block of W. Cameron Ave.

•Unwanted subject at the Trail Motel. Subject was told to leave and left without incident.

•911 open line at Silver Mountain, turned out to be a child playing and nothing was taking place.

•Suspicious activity in the parking lot of Yokes, this was the registered owner working on the inside of his vehicle trying to do mechanical work (odd noise coming from vehicle). Verified it was the owner of the vehicle and cleared.

•Noise complaint 700 block Bunker Ave, K75 handled.

•Traffic stop at 300 E. Riverside. Citation for expired vehicle registration.

•Traffic stop at Chestnut and Cameron. Verbal for speed 34/25

•Traffic stop at 800 block W. Cameron. Verbal for headlight.

•Traffic stop at Main and McKinley. Verbal for obstructed license plate (the rear bumper had been bent when driver helped pull someone out a couple days ago).

•Traffic stop at Chestnut Ave at ACE. Verbal for expired vehicle registration (loaner/rental vehicle in which the driver is unable to renew registration).

•Traffic stop at E. Portland and Oak. Citation for expired vehicle registration.

•Contact in the 400 block of W. Brown. Verbal warning given for double parking in the roadway.

•Vehicle maintenance, nail in a tire.

•Traffic stop. Railroad and Legion Ave, citation for expired vehicle registration.

•Follow-up for Prosecutor’s Office regarding evidence and reports/supplements.

•Stationary patrol on Station Avenue. 30 minutes = 0 stops for 1 vehicle seen 27/25 zone.

•Stationary patrol on 300 block E. Cameron Avenue. 30 minutes = 1 stop.

•Traffic stop at 300 block E. Cameron Avenue. Verbal for speed 34/25.

•Traffic stop at Main and McKinley. Verbal for speed 34/25.

•Citizen contact 200 block of Main Street. They had questions regarding civil issues.

•Landline request to Health and Welfare, home visit on Kellogg Avenue for a report of injury to child. Report taken after home visit, information report only, does not appear to be abuse or neglect.

•Warrant arrest 100 block of E. Portland Avenue, transport/booking.

•Reports of the apocalypse coming. After doing some major investigating, it appeared the world was coming to an end as the internet and the cell service were down at the same time. How are we to play Candy Crush with no WiFi or cell service?

•Aggravated assault 800 block of W. Cameron. County handled/assisted as this was during arrest/transport of in-custody. Per responding deputy, one of the persons remained on-scene and did not want to pursue any type of action (knife was pulled during argument). They were unable to locate the other party involved.

•Landline request regarding civil issues in the 300 block of W. Brown, confirmed this to be a civil issue and advised seeking counsel/research into abandoned property.

•Attempted warrant service 500 block of Main Street, subject turned themselves in at the jail upon my arrival to the residence.

•Traffic stop W. Park and McKinley, verbal for headlight.

•Internet came back up, worked on reports while it lasts.

•Agency assist. Assist county on G Street in Smelterville with possible break-in. No signs of entry, but did find an open gate.

•Booked two dogs into the pound who were delivered by County and later K77 released them to the owner.

•Conducted foot patrol on Wildcat way, Bunker Ave, and Main St.

•Assisted County with a suspicious person call on G St. in Smelterville.

•Noise complaint at Silver Mountain apartments. Cleared NAT.

•Noise complaint at Morning Star Lodge in the waterpark area. Parties were gone upon arrival.

•Burglary alarm at Cameron Conoco. Store opener couldn’t turn off the alarm. Cleared public assist.

•Assist medical on 200 block W. Mullan Ave. Cleared other agency assist.

•Traffic stop 400 block W. Mullan Ave. Cleared verbal for equipment.

•Traffic stop 100 block McKinley Ave. Cleared verbal for equipment.

•Extra patrol Main St.

•Foot patrol Main & McKinley.

•Burglary alarm at Gondolier. Cleared building secured.

•Motorist assist Bunker Ave. Cleared NAT.

•Traffic stop Hill St. for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•Extra patrol Main St.

•Foot patrol Main, McKinley, Wildcat.

•Patrol meeting with information on reports/reporting/ and NIBRS.

•Paper service with K71 at Wardner City Hall.

•Handled a landline request regarding drug usage inside a residence. More follow-up is pending.

•Dispatched to the 700 block of McKinley Ave. for a welfare check. Individual was ok, just waiting on a tow truck.

•Dispatched to the 100 block of E. Portland Ave. for a dog complaint. Owner of said dogs was located and spoken to about the matter. Report was taken.

•Assisted K72 with a warrant arrest on the 10 block of Jacobs Gulch.

•Traffic stop in the 400 block of brown for no turn signal, verbal.

•Extra patrol around requested areas.

•Dead head hunting.


•Nibrs work.

•Burglary on the 300 block of Main St. Cordless power tools taken. Cleared, report taken.

•Station Ave. extra radar patrol.

•Towed unregistered vehicles on Portland Ave, Mill Ave, the city parking lot on Main St and from S Division under the over pass.

•Battery at the Trail Motel. Citation issued. Cleared report taken.

•Worked on paper work from towed vehicles.

•Station Ave. extra patrol.

Be happy, be safe, your broom will do that any day of the year.

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