Applications available for senior meals

by Josh McDonald
Staff Reporter | April 8, 2020 6:31 PM

OSBURN –– Silver Valley Seniors is accepting applications for their upcoming Congregate Meal Program.

The program, which has been funded through State grant monies, was designed to provide meal opportunities for seniors during the COVID-19 crisis and is being organized by the Silver Valley Seniors under the guidance of new director Darrell Lemieux.

While the idea of “congregate'' meals during a time where social distancing is being demanded of businesses and organizations, Lemieux has designed this program to fall right in line with the curbside pickup-style that has been adopted across the country.

The program does have a few caveats to it, but Lemieux has taken a stance that really shows his willingness to help and support the senior residents in the Silver Valley.

First, there is an application that must be acquired, either at the SV Seniors office, or by email.

Applicants must be over the age of 60, and there are few questions regarding living situations and income that determine eligibility for the program.

After the application is filled out, it must be turned in prior to receiving any food.

While all of the rigmarole may seem exhausting, Lemieux has little to no plans of turning anyone away if they’ve filled out and turned in an application.

“My opinion is that if people fill out this application then they obviously need the food,” Lemieux said. “Yeah there are a few stipulations, but anyone who needs the food, we’re gonna feed them.”

Lemieux estimates that the money from the grant should keep this program running for around three months and he hopes that the opportunity is seized by the local senior residents.

“We have this money for a short time and I hope we are able to use all of it,” Lemieux said.

The planned method of meal delivery will be a curbside pickup every Wednesday morning from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., where folks who have filled out an application and been approved can show up, grab their food from outside the Osburn Senior Center, sign for their food and hop back in their cars.

“With social distancing I’m not going to be out there with them, but I’ll be able to watch and make sure that everyone is able to get their food,” Lemieux said.

Applications can be picked up at the Silver Valley Seniors office in Osburn, which is adjacent to Stein’s Market, and will be available inside the main door before entering the office during office hours (9 a.m. through 3 p.m.).

The applications can also be sent via email, and can be requested at

For more information please contact Silver Valley Seniors at (208) 752-1194.