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Sup’s Corner

Tuesday, March 17th, will forever be a sad memory for me. My foundations, as a long-time educator, made the deci...

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This senator lives with today’s business struggles

When Sen. Mary Souza of Coeur d’Alene talks about the state of the economy – with businesses closed and staff reductions – she isn’t thinking only of situations happening to “somebody else.”

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Community thanks

The Shoshone County Elected Officials and the Emergency Management would like to extend a big thanks to the whole community.

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Water District’s ‘pick and choose’ option

Letter to the Editor

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Pelosi’s heroic protest

Letter to the Editor

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Fulcher: This is no time for fear or panic

The deteriorating economy, and hysteria over the coronavirus pandemic, is not what a sitting president should like to see in an election year.

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Make the call, WSD

Sometimes we as parents and grandparents have to do what is right for the students and the community, We pulled our grandson from the Wallace High School because the superintendent won’t make the call.

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Make the call, WSD

Sometimes we as parents and grandparents have to do what is right for the students

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CHUCK MALLOY: Idaho Dems change course, go with Biden

Four years ago, Idaho gave Sen. Bernie Sanders nearly 80 percent in its Democratic presidential caucus, adding fuel to his socialistic revolution.

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Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the Wallace School Board of Trustees, staff and students, we would all like to express a giant thank you to all of you who took time and voted on Tuesday.

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For working class Americans

As we enter the election year 2020, you need to make an assessment of what your government is doing for you personally. Ask yourself why all the prosperity has to go to the top well-connected minority of the popu...

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We’ll soon see what $500 million can buy

It doesn’t take a political genius to know that a Republican presidential nominee will carry Idaho by a wide margin. As a result, it doesn’t make sense for candidates on either side to spend much time and resourc...

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Vote for our children

As a retired administrator for our school system, I have watched it change for the past 20 years, and have had three grandchildren participate in learning at the elementary, middle school and high school level.

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Vote ‘yes’ for Kellogg schools

On Tuesday, March 10, voters in the Kellogg School District will have a chance to head to the polls and vote for the district’s REPLACEMENT supplemental levy. I urge you to vote YES!

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Our kids need your support!

Support our schools! There is a critical Kellogg School District 391 levy coming up on March 10. The backbone of any community is a strong educational system. T