| June 12, 2020 1:20 PM


I want to express how thankful I am to live and work in this community. Graduation is our first sign that the end of the school year is near; this year it was definitely a team effort, and we could not have done it without you! I especially wanted to thank:

• Jared Young for the awesome job streaming on YouTube.

• Pat Specht and Brandon Voorhees for gatekeeping, pyrotechnics and general handyman efforts.

• Raelynn Howell, Shannon Dellinger and Tabitha McNamee for outstanding graduation decorations.

• Martha House and Connie Leetch for sewing masks, printing programs, proofing slideshows and programs.

• Bruce Bailey for getting the PA system from the football field up to the high school.

• Marian Russell for putting together senior scholarship packets to help them send thank you notes and such.

• Jennifer Branz for delivering a great commencement address.

• Katie Lund for helping do the “little things” in the days leading up to graduation.

• Tony Underdahl for gathering all the graduation supplies and having the grounds look great.

• Bryn Cotter for printing senior T-shirts.

• Tina Brackebusch for her hard work organizing the graduation ceremony.

• Kip and Danee McGillivray for supplying the trailer for our graduation stage.

• Sheriff Gunderson for leading the parade of graduates through our community.

• Wallace School District Community for showing your amazing Wallace Miner support during the parade of graduates.

• Senior parents for your patience and understanding during the planning stages of graduation. You worked with us and helped to provide the WHS class of 2020 a graduation they will never forget.

• Class of 2020 for always having a positive attitude during this time of uncertainty. Nothing seemed to upset you about grading or graduation planning; you took everything in stride. I hope you continue to build on your strengths, which you have developed at Wallace Jr./Sr. High School and remember the sense of community we foster here. We encourage you to go far and dream big and remember there is always a place for you in Wallace.

A year we will never forget.


Wallace Jr./Sr. High School principal