For working class Americans

by Fred Scott
March 10, 2020 11:39 AM

As we enter the election year 2020, you need to make an assessment of what your government is doing for you personally. Ask yourself why all the prosperity has to go to the top well-connected minority of the population?

The tax cut and jobs act was supposed to benefit the middle class and lower wage workers. There is even propaganda out there saying that it benefits lower wage earners more than those at the top. However, I find that hard to believe, when the top people in a company make more in bonuses, and options in a year, than a wage earner makes in a lifetime. And the real downside of these big trillion dollar deficits is projected to go on into the next decade. We also need to remember that it is the taxpayer that is stuck with paying for these deficits some time in the near future. We all know that the Republican Party, is the conservative party as long as it is the poorest Americans doing the conserving.

You also need to remember it was your State Republican Party that got you the “Right to Work” law. However, again you don’t have any rights. Your employer can fire you without cause, so you actually don’t have any recourse or representation. The Republican Party wants to blame entitlements for the huge deficits they run up. They also want to cut your so-called entitlements that you have paid into all your working life? Medicare, Social Security, FICA, Medicaid, all the programs that help working-class Americans. I also want to point out that no government workers pay into these same funds, yet they want you to pay for all their benefits too.

The Republicans and Trump have gutted all regulations, so now all the big corporations can just do whatever they want, without any fear of retaliation. All of these big companies merging have me worried also, because once they have a monopoly on things you are open to whatever they want to charge you.

Remember when President Trump said if he got his tax breaks for the one percent, he would take all their tax breaks away. Maybe you should call him and ask for the list of tax breaks he took away, also a list of how much taxes the one percent, and big corporations paid. Now do an honest assessment of the tax deductions you are entitled to, and compare that to the deductions your rich friends get.

With the rising cost of rent, homes, cars, insurance of all types, groceries, health care and prescription drugs, anything required to lead a successful life. I can understand why our cities are overrun with homeless folk’s.

Don’t listen to your president, Trump; tell you how he is looking out for you. Trump’s only goal is to be the most powerful person in the world, he will be the one to set the agenda for everything, and everybody. Why does Trump like to be interviewed by Fox New anchors? Because he has to be praised for how smart he is. Trump will not take any advice from anyone no matter their credentials, or the subject. That is why he surrounds himself with “Yes Men” to satisfy his arrogant ego. Now he is loading the National Defense Department with his loyalists so they won’t interrupt any of his shady deals, and the public will never know what they’re hiding because it becomes “Classified.” He is also purging the White House so only people loyal to Trump are allowed. In the next election it is your call so please make an informed decision. Trumps gutless Republican backers proved who they’re for, and it wasn’t you.

You also need to remember when your state government said if they could join the lottery you would not have to pay anything for schools. If that were the case, how come every year schools have to pass a tax levy to pay for their curriculum? What happened to all this money from the sale of lottery tickets? Do the research and see how many of these politicians have become millionaires at your expense. Going down this road of legalized marijuana, is just setting you up for a date with the devil. All marijuana will lead you to is stronger drugs to get your fix. What is needed is just some good old will power, and then you won’t need marijuana or any other drug.

Last but not least register to vote, and then honor your right to vote by voting. Don’t fall for the B.S. that your vote doesn’t count. The only way it won’t count is if you don’t register, and then don’t vote. I also would ask you, do you trust a president who has told tens of thousands of lies in his first term. If he is honest in his dealing with the American people, what are all the lies about?