Rasor for District 7 Rep!

| May 7, 2020 12:19 PM

I’m asking you to consider voting for Cornel Rasor for district 7 representative!

I’ve known Cornel my whole life! Is he pro 2nd amendment? Yes! He took me to Hunters safety when I was 13 and bought me my first hunting rifle! Is he pro-life? Yes! As far back as I can remember, my parents were involved with the crisis pregnancy center in our small town. Helping save babies’ lives and counseling single mothers, and helping them choose to protect their unborn child instead of abortion.

Is he pro-constitution? Well, he teaches and has held many classes on constitutional Property Rights. Very few people have the knowledge of American history and our founding documents like Cornel Rasor. He carries a “pocket Constitution” in his front pocket! Following our founding constitution and bill of Rights is his passion. He’s for limited government! I was raised Christian, and Cornel Rasor is a leader in our church; he often teaches Sunday school.

If you want a candidate that is adamantly pro 2nd amendment, anti-red flag laws, pro limited government, pro-life, pro-freedom, vote for Cornel Rasor. If you want a person who pretty much already knows how to work in Boise and how to carry good Bills, please vote for my Dad, Cornel Rasor, for Republican District 7 representative seat B. Vote by May 19th absentee only!

Alexandria Yandt,

Sagle, Idaho