Sprucin' up Pinehurst kudos

| September 24, 2020 12:37 PM

Another season has come and almost gone and I haven’t written our thank yous to the people, organizations, churches and businesses who generously donated the flowers, plants and hanging baskets we all so enjoyed in Pinehurst. This is the eighth year for “Sprucin' up Pinehurst.” We got the hanging baskets in the middle of May to put up and down Division Street, as we all can see they have really flourished.

Thanks to Dave Olson and John Bailee who got them all up and hanging. We planted pots and have been watering, pruning, fertilizing, deadheading and weeding. Thank you Carla Ross, Dave Olson and Heidi Backman who helped me this summer doing all this. I always call this time of the year as the “last hurrah“ on any flowers, as they all seem to be at their peak and truly beautiful.

We all know 2020 has been a year we will always remember. We didn’t put in anything new this year as we were not sure where the summer was going with COVID. We stayed with normal and crossed our fingers and it worked.

Thank you to all who donated in any way to our cause, we sure appreciate your support — both financially and physically. Kudos to Pat and Sharron Hewitt, Ted and Kathy Slack, Bill and Dee Coker, Tami Holdahi, Tashua Seaton, Lisa Knapp at Silver Valley Veterinary Clinic, Perfection Auto Body, Bob and Amy Jutila, Brad Kitchen with Fort Sherman Academy, Scott Reed with Mountain View Family Practice, Jerry and Cindy Wilbur with the Tall Pine, Carol McCarver with Blondies, Shoshone Honda, Watts Appliance, Steve Knoll, Sundstrom Insurance, Gail Hayes with West Valley Realty, Real Life Ministries Silver Valley, Darlene Curry with West Valley Insurance, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Silver Creek Homeowners Association, Kristi Rentals, Pinehurst Golf Course, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witness, Nacie Burkhart, Craig And Carla Ross, Dave and Belinda Olson, Heidi Beckman, and John Bailey.

If you would like to donate or volunteer in any capacity for 2021, contact city hall at 208-682-3721 or Nancie Burkhart at 208-682-4027. We get so many “kudos, honks, thumbs up, and waves” by passersby, we couldn’t do any of this without your help. We live in a beautiful area and are proud of our city and it shows. Thanks to all.