Sunday, November 27, 2022

It’s dangerous!

| July 1, 2021 11:30 AM

My husband was seconds away from a terrible accident. Someone in a pickup truck thought they were accelerating on a freeway onramp, speeding up to 50 plus miles per hour. But it was not a freeway onramp and there was a stop sign (actually two stop signs), but the truck did not stop and drove right a crossed Division Street to enter I-90. I do not want someone I love killed there and I’m sure you don’t want someone you love killed there either.

I’m talking about the frontage road between Hill Street and Division that parallels I-90. There needs to be a change. At the very least, signage that gets a motorists’ attention.

There is a sign that looks like a red dot with a down arrow, maybe it needs to say “stop ahead”. Maybe there needs to be a speed limit sign. Maybe there needs to be flashing lights on the stop signs. Maybe that road just needs to be closed. Why have a confusing road like that? It’s unusual and motorists unfamiliar with an “on ramp” with a stop don’t stop. How many accidents have occurred at that location? How many close calls? It’s even dangerous when someone is exiting I-90 and doesn’t realize there can be oncoming traffic speeding along the right hand side of that road.

I have talked with the state highway department and there are regulations and rules and procedures for road signs. They agree this side road is unusual. I’d like to see public support to simply close that road. It’s dangerous!!!



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