Saturday, October 16, 2021

Expensive space fetish

| June 14, 2021 2:50 PM

Jeff Bezos is going into space, and opened the extra seat in his Blue Origin spacecraft to bids. 7,500 people registered to bid, and the winning bid was $28 million.

Let's think about that. He, his brother, and a very rich stranger will go above the Earth's atmosphere, and spend 11 minutes! This puts a new meaning to "spaced out." It also puts new meaning to how many rich folks are willing to spend that kind of money on 11 minutes, and makes me wonder if Bezos will pay income tax on the $28 million he gets for his Blue Origin rocket company.

It also gives new meaning to the fact that most republicans refuse to agree with raising taxes a few percentage points on ultra rich Americans who have enough income to pay $28K for 11 minutes… or even the moderately rich. I fear it may be a "fake news," but somewhere I read or heard that Jeff Bezos often pays no income taxes. And that many corporations pay no taxes. Are you laughing yet?

I've been chagrined somewhat by President Biden's extravagant goals for spending money, but…the purposes and societal improvements for that money so far surpass those of Jeff Bezos' extravagant goals that I'm no longer bothered at all by the president's goals.