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March for Jesus kudos

| June 21, 2021 1:45 PM

This is a letter of considerable gratitude and joy for all of the people who made the March for Jesus 2021 such a success! Some people who couldn’t join the walkers that day have been asking how it went. Here is what you may have missed:

The March for Jesus on May 22 was colorful, fun and full of smiling faces on young and old. They were enthusiastically loud with songs of praise to Jesus. The Son of God was truly praised and honored during the March through Kellogg, and in the Kellogg City Park afterward at the Prayer Rally. The rain held off, and sunshine broke through to warm up the participants. There were more than 120 people including 30 children, some in strollers, with many holding up banners and posters boldly stating their love for Jesus.

More than half of the 25 churches in our county had participants, and 10 pastors volunteered or presented, as well as seven parachurch ministry leaders, at the Prayer Rally in the park. The volunteers who made the March possible provided everything from poster materials to beverages to worship music. A handicap-accessible bus from one of the churches followed the March with a licensed driver for anyone who couldn’t walk all the distance.

People came from as far as four hours away to march with us, representing the three states of Washington, Idaho and Montana.

This gathering of believers was an opportunity to experience the unity of Christians. It was not sponsored by any one church. Its purpose was to see the churches united in public worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christians working together to impact their cities with praise and prayer.

It truly was all about Jesus, as people left their denominational differences behind and no signs or discussions of political and social issues were present.

Once again, it could not have happened without all the people who volunteered their time, materials, talents, vehicles and money. We tried to thank all of you, but please accept our apology and know you are appreciated if we missed thanking you.

Next year, the March for Jesus 2022 will happen on June 4. If you want to be a volunteer, contact Tommie at or leave a text message at 208-446-3187, and someone will call you back.


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