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PES gets tech assist from Elks

Staff Reporter | November 5, 2021 7:00 AM

PINEHURST — Students at Pinehurst Elementary School are benefitting from some technological improvements thanks to a donation from the Kellogg Elks.

The Kellogg Elks Lodge No. 1841 received $2,000 in Gratitude Grant monies from the Elks National Foundation, which they turned around and used to purchase a new projector and sound system for the aging school’s gymnasium.

The new technology will be primarily used by the school for the purpose of their physical education classes and will offer another avenue for teacher Callie Hegbloom to instruct techniques for exercises, sports and other activities.

"I use the projector daily for instant physical activities upon student’s arrival to the gym, along with displaying short gifs to help explain proper form to the students,” Hegbloom said. “This will maximize time for physical activity for each class with less transition time and discussion.”

With childhood obesity on the rise (the Centers for Disease Control reports that 18.5% of children currently qualify as obese), finding new ways to reach kids in everyday PE classes can be especially challenging — using technology might be a way to reach certain students who don’t traditionally enjoy PE.

Physical education won’t be the only use for the new equipment, the projector will also be used for events such as concerts, assemblies, and other large school and/or community gatherings.

All of the technology that was installed was researched, recommended and installed by Kellogg School District Technology Director Simon Miller, who made sure that what was purchased fit the specific needs of PES.

According to PES Principal Mike Groves, there has been a need for newer technology in the gym for a long time, but due to the school’s socio-economic status it simply hasn’t been possible.

“To some people a $2,000 grant may not seem like a lot of money,” Groves said. “But to Pinehurst Elementary School, it is a lot of money and we thank the Elks for their contribution and support of our school.”

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