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Vote Cooper and Mogensen Nov. 2

| October 14, 2021 1:03 PM

The city of Wallace is currently facing its greatest challenge since the Federal Highway department drew up plans to level the downtown to make way for Interstate 90. This time however, it is not the federal government coming to level the historic downtown, instead it is outside monied interests who are attempting to destroy the equally important hillsides surrounding the town.

Trojan horses, some of these speculators have in the recent past shown their true colors — destroying and trespassing on other people’s properties, scarring the hillsides with unstable and illegal roads, disregarding established laws and ordinances, and using intimidation and threats when all else fails.

Now these self-interested parties and their investors are attempting to infiltrate the local government. Beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

On Nov. 2 it is vitally important that everyone get out and vote to re-elect Council Person Dean Cooper and Mayor Lynn Mogensen. Make sure your mother, brother, father, sister, cousin, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, son, daughter and neighbor — if they live in the city limits, and they are of age to — get out and vote to re-elect Dean and Lynn.

I have known both of these city governors for decades, and they have both proven to be tireless, selfless leaders who have always looked out for the best interests of the city of Wallace. They have been in the trenches for years working hard, successfully guiding Wallace through one challenge after the other. Both have deep roots in the community and in the rare instance they aren’t involved in helping run a town event, they can always be found attending. They have both brought numerous awards and accolades to Wallace during their years of service — always promoting Wallace’s interest above their own.

The Wallace we all live in and enjoy now has been greatly shaped over many years of consistent leadership by Dean and Lynn. Retaining their experience and proven leadership is critically important to protecting Wallace for future generations to enjoy.

Beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Protect Wallace and on Nov. 2, vote for Dean and Lynn.