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Re-elect Mogensen

| October 18, 2021 4:19 PM

When I first heard the campaign slogan, “ A Wallace for all of Us,” I thought it was very inclusive and appropriate. However, after thinking about it further, I am not sure I agree. We have all heard the saying, “ You can’t make everyone happy,” that may apply here. Yes, Wallace is a friendly town that welcomes everyone. I think we can agree that most people move here for the quiet, slower lifestyle, the beautiful surrounding and the overall high quality of life. These are the folks that Wallace is made for. There are people who come here to be part of a small community where they can make a difference, who put the good of the community above personal gain. These are also folks Wallace is for. There are people who come here to retire and relax in the beauty of our mountains. These folks also fit in Wallace. However, there are people who move here only for financial gain, who don’t value small town life, helping their neighbor or protecting our town’s identity. Wallace is not for these folks. We are proud of our colorful, quirky history. It is our responsibility to protect this way of life and our history for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

Lynn Mogensen has not only shown that she values Wallace by working to protect our mountains, but also by working with different groups and spearheading the effort to secure the funds needed to fix our pool. She has kept our budget balanced, even through Covid. She listens to the taxpayers and supports many community events. She works with the city attorney to make sure public meetings are run properly.

Let’s protect our town, let’s spend taxpayer money wisely, let’s Keep Wallace Wallace, and let’s re-elect Lynn Mogensen as Mayor.

Amy Lynn,


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