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We're all in this together

| October 18, 2021 2:26 PM

The upcoming contested Wallace mayoral election has brought out much debate about Wallace and what people want for the future of our town. I think we have two excellent candidates running for mayor, both of whom are respected and loved by many members of our community. I think this race is opening up a dialogue that wouldn't happen in an uncontested election and will give our leaders some perspective and feedback as to the things the members of the community want and need.

I think Mayor Mogensen has done an excellent job of running our city for the past four years. I think Councilwoman Branstetter has some new and interesting ideas which could benefit Wallace. What has resonated the most with me is Heather’s willingness to listen to others, and consider their viewpoint. I believe that if elected, she will make Wallace city council meetings more transparent and open to the public, and allow for more public input, which could be very beneficial to the citizens of Wallace. In the years I have known Heather personally, as well as watched her serve on the council, she has proven to be fair, ethical, level-headed, and unbiased. She asks for feedback from her constituents and is genuinely concerned about doing what is best for the community. She has demonstrated she is not afraid to speak up for what she thinks is right, is not easily intimidated, and has our community’s best interests at heart.

I urge all Wallace voters to attend any events they are able, so they are able to make their own decisions and hear what is being said directly from each of the candidates, as well as ask questions and provide feedback. I hope people will be positive, and instead of trying to pit their neighbors against each other, will use this as an opportunity for constructive discussion and debate. No matter who wins, we will continue to live in a wonderful town with excellent, conscientious leadership, as both candidates want what is best for our community and want to preserve and protect the amazing way of life we have here.

Siobhan Curet,


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