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Re-elect Wallace Mayor Lynn Mogensen

| October 21, 2021 11:06 AM

Time after time throughout my life I’ve heard people claim that a certain election is crucial and more important than others. I heard it while working on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election and also on the campaign to elect Bill Lorge for Wisconsin Assembly.

So when it comes to elections I’m certainly not qualified to be a commentator for CNN or FOX News, but I do feel I’m knowledgeable enough to understand an important election because of the issues and future of a community. In short, as far as local elections go, this is by far the most crucial I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a very important time in the history of Wallace.

I was raised in the Wallace area and attended school for 12 years here. Looking back, I was a part of something extremely special. To me, the artistry of this area with the surrounding mountains which resemble green cathedrals that gracefully protruded into the Heavens along with the caring people who took pride in their hometown and genuinely loved their neighbors were two of the greatest attributes of Wallace and its surrounding communities.

After high school, I left the valley to attend college and upon graduation landed in Wisconsin for 30 years. While living in the Midwest I was able to travel throughout the United States and was fortunate enough to visit 48 of the 50 states, along with coast to coast in Canada.

While returning with my son to Osburn for my father’s funeral in 2010, I remember him asking me what was my favorite place I ever visited in the United States or Canada. Without hesitation I responded, “Right here in Wallace.” So obviously once I was ready to leave the Green Bay area and relocate to my permanent place of retirement, the choice was very easy. I moved to Wallace, Idaho.

Now that I’m once again a permanent resident of two years who wouldn’t ever leave again for any reason, I’m confronted with what I consider the most important election of my memory right here in Wallace as Mayor Lynn Mogensen faces opposition from Wallace City Councilwoman Heather Branstetter.

Clearly, the residents of Wallace are sitting at a crossroad facing two differently defined paths that could alter the future of this town we all love beyond words when we vote on Nov. 2. One path could possibly be for the better while the latter could be the polar opposite.

Firstly, let’s look at the two campaign slogans. Mayor Mogensen’s message is “Keep Wallace, Wallace,” while Candidate Branstetter’s is “A Wallace for All of Us.” It’s beginning to appear that Ms. Branstetter’s message is really, “A Wallace for Some of Us.” Frankly, it appears her loyalties are directed more toward certain people and special interest groups such as Ryder Gauteraux and his group of associates, along with the people who support her different agendas.

Mr. Gauteraux, Strothers Construction and others who support this group and oppose the MOD aren’t friends of the city of Wallace. They’re here to destroy our town’s beauty while profiting handsomely, then moving off to the next city to repeat the same thing. They know perfectly well once Wallace is turned into another Park City, Sun Valley, Aspen or Vail, the average resident like you and I will be priced out of being able to afford to live here.

In Candidate Branstetter’s bio, she mentions publishing a book, receiving a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and being nominated Volunteer of the Year a few years prior. Admittedly, all the above are admirable accomplishments, but I fail to see how those feats would make her a better choice for mayor than Lynn Mogensen.

Speaking of Mayor Mogensen, it’s the feeling of some business owners that Lynn is opposed to economic growth and also opposed to new businesses starting in Wallace. Nothing could be farther from the truth. She welcomes the prospect of new businesses locating here. Many of Lynn’s family and close friends work in the local tourism industry, so it’s Common Sense 101 that she wants Wallace to economically flourish.

Our mayor has a job with the USPS where she constantly interacts with people from all walks of life that call Wallace home everyday. Lynn Mogensen knows what residents want and she works diligently for all of Wallace, not a select bunch who only support her agendas. That’s why I take much more credence in the slogan, Keep Wallace, Wallace.

It’s quite obvious this election is very important, so supporters of Mayor Mogensen shouldn’t take anything for granted and be sure to get out there and vote. The last election former Mayor Vestor ran in, he won by a mere 3 votes. Right there is a case in point, why every vote, including yours is very important in re-electing Wallace Mayor Lynn Mogensen.