Sunday, October 17, 2021

Respect isn't an illusion

Staff Reporter | September 20, 2021 9:06 AM

PINEHURST — Respecting one another was the flavor of the day for students at Pinehurst Elementary School last week during the school’s first assembly of the year.

Illusionist David Laflin was in town with a special message about looking out for each other, treating people fairly and doing the right thing.

Laflin pulled out all of the stops during the 40-minute show, including magic boxes, magic cards and even a levitating table.

One particular illusion had the students and staff pretty impressed, both with the degree of difficulty and with the message that came with it.

Laflin pulled a lucky student from the crowd and had her put her initials on a quarter, which represented her life.

He then had her put the quarter in a treasure chest and set it on the table.

As he spoke he had the student retrieve another box and open where they found another box, then another, and so on — until she got to the fourth box and upon opening it, revealed the originally initialed quarter.

“He then told her that the quarter represented her life,” Principal Mike Groves said. “By this he meant that if she kept the quarter for herself without thinking of others it was only a quarter and it was only her benefiting from it. As the student kept opening the boxes he was explaining that doing the right thing and thinking of others was difficult and you didn't know how it would end. The student finally opened the last box to find her original quarter as well as another in it. So while the audience was wondering how the quarter got from the treasure box to inside the fourth box he was explaining that doing the right thing comes with rewards.”

Since 2002, Laflin has performed thousands of shows in more than 45 states, 11 countries, on five different continents.

This includes shows for organizations such as the U.S. Army, the NCAA, The Salvation Army, Lakewood Church in Houston, SaddleBack Church in California, Indo-fest in Indonesia and many other events with corporations, conferences and churches around the world.

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