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River Danger

| July 18, 2022 5:01 PM

On July 16, our family of nine adults experienced the danger mentioned in the article about floating the North Fork of the Cd'A River. This was our fourth excursion with seven on tubes and my wife and I in an inflatable kayak, loaded with our supplies.

About two hours in, we encountered a large bush overhanging the swift flowing river. It swept our two daughters off their tubes. My wife and I were overturned and all of our items, including life vests and float cushions were carried away. My wife and I were fighting for our lives! About 5 yards down river a large tree was submerged in the river and we were able to grab it and stand up chest deep in water.

We want to thank those who helped us including a man with river rescue training, an off-duty fireman and a man on an SUP! Another 8+ men formed a chain, which helped me cross to safety. A heroic couple from Sandpoint used their SUP to help us get to a take-out point.

Please wear your life vests! You are at the river’s mercy and can’t swim like you think you can in the river!

After 27 years in law enforcement helping others, today the wonderful and brave North Idaho public helped my family!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Gary Strickland

Hayden Lake