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Your town was the highlight of our month of driving

| June 27, 2022 1:20 PM

You don’t expect but deeply appreciate a town where people sit on the Main Street and engage you in conversation about your day and their lives.

Two retired miners sitting outside a bar, a lovely lady whose garden we were admiring, a friendly young couple who gave me the last of their laundry detergent in the laundromat all gave us something very special…open friendliness and an insight into a world so far removed from our inner city lives in Sydney, Australia.

Sure we rode the Hiawatha Rail Trail and walked up the Pulaski Tunnel Trail…both great experiences…but the young girl who designed the amazing room we had at our hotel and the delicious food at the Italian recommended by locals added to the memorable days we spent with you all.

Your jail and courthouse opened our eyes with prisoners in chains guarded by an armed sheriff walking the streets, to a justice system very different to our own.

As a tourist so many of your experiences are controlled and laundered for fear of exposing life as it is lived in a community.

Your town was the highlight of our month of driving across Canada, over to Yellowstone and back to Vancouver.

We speak of you often to our friends and family. Thank you for your time and generosity of spirit.


Vancouver, B.C.

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