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| March 7, 2022 2:54 PM

I watched Biden's State of the Union address. I know as a democrat he has stressed the "socialistic" acts for the infrastructure and the people's health and welfare, but I'm thinking there's just as much capitalism in that speech as socialism.

He spoke of "4000 projects, most of which rely on capitalistic private companies and corporations, to create jobs. He emphasized "buying American", which means patronizing "capitalistic" companies. He mentioned "taxpayer dollars to support jobs and businesses (privately owned businesses). Intel, he said, plans to increase its investing from 20 billion to 100 billion dollars. He mentioned eight "state of the art" factories with 10,000 new jobs, "sophisticated manufacturing factories". Ford, GM, 11 billion in new vehicles, 11,000 jobs.

So I wouldn't think we have to fear that our good old U.S.A. is being turned into a socialist country by the Democratic Party, as most republicans seem to fear. The "social services" of our government will not ever mean "socialism". Whatever socialism we have in our country is virtually dependent upon capitalism.

Ron Boothe,


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