Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Shoshone County Clerk Primary Candidate: Shawn LeRoy (D)

| May 12, 2022 11:36 AM

Shawn W. LeRoy is seeking election to the position of Shoshone County Clerk.

LeRoy, 57, is running against incumbent Tamie Lewis-Eberhard in the Democratic Primary.

Currently holding the position of court security officer, LeRoy is a veteran of the United States Navy and retired honorably as a Chief Petty Officer (E-7).

He holds two degrees, including a Bachelor’s of Science degree in healthcare administration, and a Master of Arts degree in management.

LeRoy has been married to his wife Christine for 38 years and they have two children; Cory and Nicole, as well as four grandchildren.

LeRoy moved to Idaho just over four years ago, but he began his career with Shoshone County in January 2020.

“I feel I am fully qualified to serve in the position of Shoshone County Clerk,” LeRoy said. “During my tenure in the military, I received extensive training in the management of personnel and budgeting. At my last command, I was the Senior Enlisted Leader for five primary care clinics at a Naval Hospital consisting of over 200 personnel, including Contract, Civil Service, Officer, and Enlisted.”

LeRoy has also shown a propensity for managing vast sums of money – this too, stemming from his military service.

During his time in the military he managed a combined budget amount of $4.5 million.

“I am a proven leader - During four combat deployments, I successfully led over 80 men and women in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq,” LeRoy said. “I have also been a County Veteran Service Officer as well as have operated a homeless shelter for veterans, and a Mentor for Veterans Drug Treatment Court. Having these sets of knowledge, skills, and abilities, I believe sets me apart from the incumbent and makes me an outstanding candidate for Shoshone County Clerk.”

LeRoy’s goals, if elected, center on setting fair and ethical standards for the county’s personnel, but also maintain transparency with taxpayers regarding county budgetary issues.

“I believe some of the key issues are transparency, accountability, mutual respect for your colleagues, ensuring the money that is paid by the hard working citizens of Shoshone County is spent in an appropriate manner,” LeRoy said.

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