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KUDOS: Big thanks to local do-gooders

| November 14, 2022 11:59 AM

Today, what could’ve been a dangerous explosion on a busy intersection, turned out to be many helping hands to clear the roadway in-between the Dollar Tree and the road to Walmart.

There was a full 100-pound propane tank in the middle of the intersection along with some tools, sockets, road chains and debris strewn about. The first man stopped his Jeep and put his flashers on, picked up the tank and dragged it to the edge of the road, then a woman stopped to see if he was OK, then she called 911.

Next, an older gentleman in a red van, stopped in the middle of the intersection as well, turned his flashers on for safety, pulled out a trash bag and he, the woman who called the police, along with several others started picking up trash and debris. This scene was so touching because it brought out the good hearted, helpful spirit in our community of ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds… and thankfully the tank didn’t blow up.