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Legals for October, 21 2022

| October 21, 2022 12:00 AM

Central Shone Co Water District Budget 2022-2023 Operating Revenue Water Revenue 1,505,000 Hook Up 63,000 Operating fees 62,125 Bond Revenue 847,600 Total Operating Revenue 2,477,725 Non-Operating Revenue Interest Revenue 13,200 Grant Revenue 132,500 Other Revenue 550 Total Revenue 2,623,975 Operating Expense Pumping Cost 310,000 Repair & Maintance 134,100 Wages 390,500 PERSI 46,000 Meter Expense 15,000 Chemicals/Water Samples 117,900 Tools/Equipment/Supplies 12,000 Total 1,025,500 Non-Direct Expense Payroll Taxes 30,000 Employee Benefits 200,290 Education 2,350 Dues and Subscriptions 14,000 Bank Service Charge 13,000 State Insurance Fund 50,500 Vehicle 108,000 Office Expense 128,200 Lease Expense 25,500 Engineering 142,500 Bond Expense 688,898 Contingency/Capital Impr 195,237 Total 1,598,475 Total Expense 2,623,975 Profit/(Loss) 0 Public Hearing on November 14th, 2022 during regular Board meeting @ 5:00 pm at CSCWD Office, 409 S Main St, Kellogg, ID Legal#4284 AD#567404 October 21, 28, 2022

SUMMARY OF ORDINANCE NO. 2022-06 ADOPTING CITY OF WALLACE TITLE XV, CHAPTER 157, MOUNTAIN OVERLAY DISTRICT SUMMARY: The City of Wallace adopted Ordinance Number 2022-06 on October 12, 2022, adopting Title XV, Chapter 157. This ordinance adopts Wallace City Code Title XV, Title 157, Mountain Overlay District, providing for the establishment of the overlay zoning district and its purposes; designates district boundaries; outlines permitted uses and restrictions as well as design standards and design review; provides for an application process; directs commission action; establishes hearing procedures regarding applications; allows for variances and appeals; provides enforcement and sets misdemeanor penalties; and provides an effective date upon publication of this summary. CITY ATTORNEY REVIEW: The undersigned, City of Wallace legal counsel, having reviewed Ordinance No. 2022-06 and the summary for the same, believes the summary is true and complete and that it provides adequate notice to the public of the identity, principal provisions, and effective date of the ordinance. The full text of Ordinance No. 2022-06 is available for review at Wallace City Hall, 703 Cedar Street, Wallace, Idaho, during regular business hours and on the City of Wallace website. This summary shall be filed with the adopted ordinance. Date: October 16, 2022 /s/Britney Jacobs, Silver Valley Law Attorney for the City of Wallace Legal#4286 AD#567418 October 21, 2022

SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION Case No.: CV40-22-0401 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SHOSHONE U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff, vs. CHARLES L. NEWELL (DECEASED) AND THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, ASSIGNS AND DEVISEES OF CHARLES L. NEWELL; SPOUSE OF CHARLES L. NEWELL; TAMARA MURRIETTA; SPOUSE OF TAMARA MURRIETTA; RICK NEWELL (DECEASED) AND THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, ASSIGNS AND DEVISEES OF RICK NEWELL; ED NEWELL; RUSAN WALSH; DOES I THROUGH XX, INCLUSIVE, AS INDIVIDUALS WITH AN INTEREST IN THE PROPERTY, Defendants. TO: CHARLES L. NEWELL (DECEASED) AND THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, ASSIGNS AND DEVISEES OF CHARLES L. NEWELL; SPOUSE OF CHARLES L. NEWELL; TAMARA MURRIETTA; SPOUSE OF TAMARA MURRIETTA; RICK NEWELL (DECEASED) AND THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, ASSIGNS AND DEVISEES OF RICK NEWELL; ED NEWELL; RUSAN WALSH; DOES I THROUGH XX, INCLUSIVE, AS INDIVIDUALS WITH AN INTEREST IN THE PROPERTY, NOTICE: YOU HAVE BEEN SUED BY U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, the Plaintiff in the District Court in and for Shoshone County, Idaho, Case No. CV40-22-0401. The nature of the claim against you is for, among other things, the judicial foreclosure of the real property located at 559 8TH ST, MULLAN, ID 83846. Any time after 21 days following the last publication of this summons, the court may enter a judgment against you without further notice, unless prior to that time you have filed a written response in the proper form, including the Case No., and paid any required filing fee to the Clerk of the Court at 700 Bank Street, Suite 120, Wallace, ID 83873, (208) 752-1266, and served a copy of your response on the Plaintiff's attorney at 702 W. Idaho St., Suite 1100, Boise, ID 83702, (208) 863-4401. A copy of the Summons and Complaint can be obtained by contacting either the Clerk of the Court or the attorney for Plaintiff. If you wish legal assistance, you should immediately retain an attorney to advise you in this matter. Dated this October 3, 2022 Clerk of the District Court By:/s/Gail Elliott Deputy Legal#4274 AD#565171 October 7, 14, 21, 28, 2022

NOTICE OF DISTRICT ELECTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: that Milo Creek Watershed District will be conducting an Election for the following purpose: Board of Director open position, to be held on Tuesday, the 8th day of November, 2022 on which day polls will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm at the following polling place: Wardner City Hall, 649 Main St - Wardner, Kellogg ID SHO LEGAL #4282 AD #566929 OCTOBER 21, 28, 2022

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING FOR THE 2022-2023 BUDGET MILO CREEK WATERSHED DISTRICT OPERATING REVENUE $25,315.94 TOTAL $25,315.94 OPERATING EXPENSE ICRMP $1,738.00 Maintance structures $4,500.00 Administration $19,077.94 TOTAL $23,315.94 PROFIT/LOSS $0 Budget Hearing on November 9th, 2022 during regular Board meeting @ 4:00 pm at the Wardner City Hall, 649 Main St-Wardner Kelloge, ID Legal#4285 AD#567415 October 21, 28, 2022

NOTICE OF HEARING ON NAME CHANGE Case No. CV40-22-506 IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOR THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT FOR THE STATE OF IDAHO, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SHOSHONE IN RE: Kellie King, A petition to change the name of Kellie King, now residing in the City of Kellog, State of Idaho, has been filed in the District Court in Shoshone County, Idaho. The name will change to Kellie Martin. The Reason for the change in name is: divorce has been final for 19 years & wants maiden name back. A hearing on the petition is scheduled for 9 o'clock a.m. on 11/21/22 at the Shoshone County Courthouse. Objections may be filed by any person who can show the court a good reason against the name change. Date: 9-29-22 Kellie King CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT Deputy Clerk Legal#4277 AD#566313 October 14, 21, 28, November 4, 2022

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: the Shoshone County Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on November 3rd, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. in the Shoshone County Sheriff's office courtroom, 717 Bank Street, Wallace, Idaho, to consider the following: A. FILE: CU-266-22 APPLICANT: Richard W. Stewart PARCEL: RP-49N01E-36-7250-A REQUESTING: Approval of a Conditional Use Permit to allow for a second residence in the R2, Multi-Family Residential zone. Written testimony expressing support, opposition, or neutrality towards this proposal or other information will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. (PST) on November 2nd, 2022. All other materials must be submitted at the public hearing. For submissions greater than two (2) pages, the submitter shall provide eight (8) copies. All information presented and or submitted shall become the property of Shoshone County and will be on file at the Planning office. Additional information concerning the above item(s) may be obtained from the Shoshone County Planning Administration, County Courthouse, 700 Bank Street Suite 25, Wallace, Idaho (208) 752-8891 or E-mail: Those with disabilities requiring special assistance in order to attend or participate in the public meeting must contact the Planning Administration Office prior to the public meeting. S/Val Evenson Val Evenson, Planning Technician 1 Legal#4287 AD#567422 October 21, 2022

WALLACE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 393 CALL FOR BID FOR EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CONSULTING SERVICES NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received by the Board of Trustees of Wallace School District No. 393, Wallace, Idaho, for the proposals of Employee Benefits Consulting Services. Bids must be submitted on or before 12:00 p.m., on Friday, December 2, 2022, to Beatrice Conley, Business Manager. Bids received after the stated time and date will not be considered. Sealed proposals should be clearly marked "Employee Benefits Consulting Services" and addressed to: Beatrice Conley, Business Manager, Wallace School District No. 393, P.O. Box 267, Silverton, Idaho 83867. Bid documents and detailed specifications are available at the Office of the Superintendent between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday until day of bid opening. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, or to waive any informalities in the proposals received and to accept the proposal most advantageous to the District. No bidder may withdraw a submitted bid after the opening unless the awarding of the bid is delayed for a period exceeding 30 days. /s/Beatrice Conley, Business Manager Wallace School District No. 393 P.O. Box 267, 501 Western Ave. Silverton, ID 83867 Legal#4278 AD#566567 October 14, 21, 2022

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