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LETTER: Plastic pollution must stop

| September 1, 2022 9:53 AM

Our environment is being threatened by plastic pollution. Studies predict that by 2050 plastics will account for about 20 percent of total oil consumption, up from about 8 percent today. It is predicted that by then our magnificent oceans will contain, by weight, more plastic than fish.

Plastic production and waste incineration pollutes communities and recycling isn't enough.

As it degrades, plastic breaks down into microscopic particles that are consumed by fish, birds and people. Sending our waste to other countries that are not equipped to deal with it only contributes to the problem.

The solution lies in less production, not more. We need to choose products with less plastic wrapping and urge companies to be more responsible and to find other, degradable packaging materials.

We can use the 800 number on their labels to let them know how we feel about them endangering our future with their wasteful practices.

If enough of us buy products from companies who have a sincere desire to protect our planet, they will listen. We need to urge our local and national governments to be more responsible and elect leaders who make our environment a priority.

We need to realize that most change comes from the grassroots level and get involved.