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Re-Elect Pinehurst Library board members

by Ron Boothe
| April 28, 2023 1:00 AM

Our Pinehurst Library, one of the finest small libraries in the state, is part of the Kootenai/Shoshone Community Library Network. The Board of Trustees is up for election, and it is important to the health of all the libraries to have competent members to insure that the freedom of speech and literature is not taken from the professional librarians who provide such important services to our community. My plea is to have everyone in this area vote for the two current members who are seeking re-election, Regina McCrea and Judy Meyer.

Remember the "two M's", among the seven candidates listed.

They will assure the best possible management of one of the most important marks of a civilization, a free and public source of history, education, and culture.

We must not let radical "book burners" take control of one of our freedoms.

Vote, May 16th, Pinehurst Lions Club, or Kingston Cataldo Sewer District.

Ron Boothe,

Kingston, Idaho