Monday, May 20, 2024

CULTURE CANCER: Is not Marxism

| August 25, 2023 1:00 AM

Brent Regan’s “common nonsense” goes too far with his conclusions that our liberal versus radical far-right “culture war” is a “Marxist revolution.” So much of his common sense is common imagination based on alternative facts. He states that we know for a fact that there were election irregularities in the previous election, when the “fact” is that over 60 court cases determined there were no significant election issues.

To compare Trump’s tirades with the Democrats’ questioning some things in 2016 with the popular vote being different from the electors’ is simply ridiculous. Hillary Clinton did nothing more than concede quietly, and go on her way. Did Trump’s criminal behavior amount to, quoting Mr. Regan: “exactly the same thing in 2016 without reprisal?” There is “culture cancer,” alright, but it cannot be treated with unproven and unauthorized drugs represented by far-right Republican common nonsense. And to suggest that Trump’s many, many indictments for so many, many transgressions are in the realm of “political assassination” is just further common nonsense.

I agree to cancel the cancer needs “due process,” but the KCRCC is operating far from “due process” in its infiltrations of local boards of directors and other nonsense.