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SPORTS OFFICIALS: Deserve respect, gratitude

| December 15, 2023 1:00 AM

All three of the schools in our wonderful community have excellent sports programs. All of the coaches, parents and players get a lot of recognition for their support and hard work, but the real heroes of every game, match or tournament are the officials. They make each and every game possible for our sports programs, but they do not seem to get the recognition they deserve.

Our officials are arguably the most important part of the sports program. They should also be the most respected, but I have watched as our officials have to quietly and quickly exit the games they are officiating in fear of what the parents, fans, and in some cases the players are going to say or do. The officials of our games are also ridiculed for the calls they make, being yelled at by angry fans and even coaches. Lastly, they are being charged with overseeing not just the players but the crowd, only adding to their job when fans lash out. This is not how we should be treating the people who make our sporting programs possible.

The things that officials have to deal with are, in many cases, unacceptable. Not just the players but the fans, parents and coaches should all show respect to the men and women who are making our sports programs possible. We should all be thanking them at the end of a game, not criticizing them. Thank you officials for your hard work at every game, match and tournament.



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