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VERNE BLALACK: Passing of another hero

| June 23, 2023 1:00 AM

This year, a hero, Ed Pommerening, responsible for heroic efforts which improved the environment of our valley, passed away. Now, another man passes who I think is equally heroic, as he improved the living standards of many families in our valley.

Verne Blalack was so amazing in his talents of not only building housing for families, but building happiness, self-confidence, skills, and much more for so many people he touched by teaming with his wife Judy in starting Habitat for Humanity and then Fuller Center for Housing these past 30+ years. So much we owe to Verne and Judy Blalack, a team which almost single-handedly has overseen dozens of quality affordable homes for citizens of the Silver Valley.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Judy and the family in mourning the loss of a great, great human being.