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Busy days for the SCSO

| May 15, 2023 7:26 PM

The past two days have been incredibly busy for the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office, as they’ve responded to five different major events across the entire county.

– In chronological order, SCSO deputies were dispatched to a remote area near Stevens Peak on Sunday morning, where they received a report of three hikers requesting help. One of the three hikers sustained minor injuries and was unable to walk. The hikers were in a steep and heavily wooded terrain, south-east of Mullan on the Idaho/Montana border.

Three deputies were dispatched for the search and rescue operation, but their machine got stuck in the deep snow.

Just before 4 p.m., one of the deputies was able to make contact with the hikers who were roughly 500 feet from where the machine was stuck.

A helicopter from Two Bear Air Rescue was dispatched to assist with the operation and successfully extracted the injured hiker.

The remaining two hikers made their way out on foot.

The entire search and rescue operation took more than eight hours in total to complete.

– On Sunday afternoon, just before 2 p.m., the SCSO received reports of a deceased person found in the Hugus Creek area of southern Shoshone County between the Cutthroat Resort and the hamlet of Calder.

Emergency medical personnel and the responding deputies located an elderly deceased female and the scene was processed.

The deceased’s family has been notified, but out of respect for the family and due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, the victim’s name and no further information is not being released at this time.

– Deputies are investigating a burglary and theft at the 1313 Club in Wallace, which happened sometime between late Sunday evening and early Monday morning.

No details have been provided at this time.

– On Monday morning, SCSO dispatch received reports of a male with head trauma from being struck with an axe. The reported incident occurred in the 300 block of High Bank Street in Wallace.

The victim was flown to Kootenai Health where he remains in critical condition.

The suspect, 39-year-old Nicholas Johnson, was found at the scene nude and subsequently taken into custody where he awaits charges.

This too is an ongoing investigation and no further information will be released at this time.

– On Monday afternoon, SCSO deputies were dispatched to Kingston, where a fatal pedestrian vs. vehicle accident occurred.

The Idaho State Police have been requested to assist due to the incident being fatal for the pedestrian involved.

This is also an ongoing investigation and no further information is being released at this time.