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CANDIDATE PROFILE – Jenifer Cardenas, Kellogg City Council, unopposed

| October 20, 2023 1:00 AM

Full Name: Jenifer Cardenas

Birth Date: 06/11/1985

Profession: Insurance agent / property manager

Highest level of education completed: 14

Degrees and professional certifications: Class B CDL, Licensed Insurance Agent

How long have you lived in Idaho and in your city? 31 years / Kellogg for 2 years

Marital Status: Married

Family: I live with my husband and 2 dog’s full time

-What experience has prepared you for this office?

I work with property management and insurance as an entrepreneur. I strongly feel that I understand the community. I work for the best interests of my clients, and if elected I will work for the citizen's best interests. I am young, eager to learn, and have the desire and energy to be involved in my community.

-What is the No. 1 issue/problem you believe you will face if elected, and how will you resolve it?

I feel there is a big disconnect with the citizens and the city council. I would like to work on bridging that gap and be available to the public, to listen to their thoughts and concerns. I do plan to make myself available and hold office hrs a few times a month or as needed (I have an office available to me), so that I can first hear from the citizens of Kellogg and proceed from there.

-What do you consider a top responsibility for the position you’re seeking?

Allocating funds in a way that benefits the community. Spending those funds as the community sees fit. Being transparent, and using social media to keep citizens more informed of decisions that are being made, so that they can have a voice. Also getting citizens more involved in government, by using social media and by personally being available for them to contact me.

-Why should voters choose you?

The most important job of a city councilman is to be the voice of the people. We are elected by the people, and we should be reaching out to them for public opinion. I plan to use social media, and other means of communication, as well as recording our meeting to help keep the citizens more informed on issues coming before the council. As a Republican, I will apply my conservative views to the best interests of the public. I’m new blood and excited to bring a change to Kellogg.