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CANDIDATE PROFILE – Melanie Carter, Kellogg School District Trustee, Zone 5

| October 20, 2023 1:00 AM

Full Name: Melanie R. Carter

Birth Date: 3/10/1981

Profession: Realtor

Highest level of education completed: 12

Degrees and professional certifications: Realtor

How long have you lived in Idaho and in your city? Currently 3 years

Marital Status: Married

Family: 9 children

-What experience has prepared you for this office?

As a 20-year homeschooler and a mother of three children currently attending Canyon schools, I possess a unique perspective on education. My extensive experience in homeschooling has equipped me with a deep understanding of personalized learning and the importance of parent-teacher collaboration. In addition, my role as a bookkeeper for my husband's IT company has honed my financial acumen, a skill crucial in managing a school district's budget effectively. My credentials as a licensed realtor, holding the GRI designation, demonstrate my commitment to professional development and my ability to navigate complex systems. This experience has provided me with valuable skills in negotiation, communication, and community engagement, which are vital when working collaboratively with the school board, parents, teachers, and the community at large. I am dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of education for our children and look forward to applying my diverse background to serve our school district effectively.

-What is the No. 1 issue/problem you believe you will face if elected, and how will you resolve it?

With our growing population and potential job influx from Bunker Hill Mine, we face significant challenges in our school district. Currently, we're operating at maximum capacity, having even closed Sunnyside Elementary due to past population reductions. To address this, I'm committed to exploring innovative solutions, including a structural inspection of the old middle school for potential transformation into an elementary school. Fund acquisition is crucial, and I'm dedicated to seeking alternative funding sources like grants, community partnerships, and private-sector sponsorships to support our expansion. Efficient budget allocation, rigorous expenditure review, and transparent community-involved budgeting are essential. We'll also explore alternative revenue sources such as fundraising and asset sales. Simultaneously, attracting highly qualified educators is a priority. Competitive compensation, professional development, and an attractive work environment are key to serving our growing student population. These measures will help us accommodate our population growth while minimizing tax burdens, ensuring quality education and a brighter future for our community.

-What do you consider a top responsibility for the position you’re seeking?

Keeping politics and agendas out while upholding constitutional rights. Upholding transparency, in curriculum selection, fiscal oversight, accountability, community engagement, advocacy, hiring and evaluating leadership, strategic planning, and students well being. Ensure we are teaching life skills and exposing students to trades.

-Why should voters choose you?

As a school board trustee, I am dedicated to upholding transparency as the foundation of our educational endeavors. This means open communication with our community and empowering parents to choose curricula that align with our values, all while keeping politics and controversial agendas out of our classrooms. Financial management will be responsible, allocating resources wisely and seeking innovative funding sources to support our educational goals without additional tax burdens. Accountability will be maintained by regularly monitoring our district's progress, evaluating programs, and ensuring transparency in outcomes. Community engagement is key, and I welcome input from all stakeholders. I will transparently lead in hiring and evaluating educational leadership and work on a long-term vision for our district with stakeholders. We'll also introduce cameras in classrooms to ensure safety and transparency in learning. Our classrooms will be free from undue political influence, focusing on students' well-being, safety, mental health, constitutional rights, and an inclusive learning environment. My crucial role is to be a bridge between our community and the school district, ensuring high-quality education with transparency, parental choice, non-partisan excellence, and a commitment to safety. Together, we can create the best educational environment marked by openness, trust, and dedication to excellence