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Burn permits available in Shoshone County

| September 8, 2023 1:00 AM

The Shoshone County Fire Chief’s Association has determined it is time to move the fire danger from HIGH to MODERATE for the local areas.

With the move, they are also announcing that fire safety burn permits for small yard debris piles and burn barrels are available for issue. Please remember you are responsible for acquiring and adhering to the requirements of the permit. Be aware that grass, pine needles, and other fine fuels around your burn site can dry out very quickly. These fuels might be very wet from rain or morning dew but can dry out in as little as one hour and be ready to burn.

The fire safety burn permit system helps to inform fire managers where burning activities are occurring, reducing the number of false reports, and saving firefighting resources for instances in which they are truly needed. If your burn is highly visible, such as near town or adjacent I-90, please consider also calling your local fire department before you burn.

To obtain a free fire safety burn permit please visit burnpermits.idaho.gov or contact your local fire department.

The Shoshone County Fire Chief’s Association includes members from all local fire departments and wildland fire agencies.