Saturday, May 18, 2024

REGAN: ‘Common nonsense’

| September 29, 2023 1:00 AM

Again, Mr. Regan has given his opinion, this time, as a “fact check.” “Progressives are mystified when Republicans work together?” We’re also mystified by the KCRCC and the true Republicans that have not accepted Regan’s “common nonsense.” Not exactly “togetherness.” Cohesion only happens when directed by authority? Well, that perhaps explains why Mr. Trump has succeeded as the cult leader of such a cohesive bunch of Republicans which has divided our democracy and threatens it. It also explains how the KCRCC has succeeded so well in damaging NIC, libraries and various boards of directors in the county.

The very worst “fact” that Mr. Regan checks is the statement: “…why Biden supporters accuse Trump of the crimes Biden appears to have committed.” My God, sir, has Biden attempted to overthrow an election? Has he committed countless crimes for which he has been indicted? Has he called legislators names, taunted them, ridiculed them, been accused of abusing women, scowling with that gangster mob-expression, held rallies of his cult members in criticism of our country by “MAGA” and “drain the swamp” slogans?

“Criticism of successful people invariably comes from people who are less successful.” This is an example of the “common sense” we see. This may be something that happens from time to time, but it is far from “fact.” It is common nonsense. I see and read consistently about some very successful people who are criticizing the present Republican Party’s cult-like support of the Trump phenomenon that’s divided our country so well, and this is the real “Dunning-Kruger Effect” Mr. Regan touts, where incompetent people don’t “know enough to know they’re incompetent.”