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Marty and Max: A lesson in DEI

| April 19, 2024 1:00 AM

According to the University of People, philosophers’ ideas circulate around ethics, nature, aesthetics, metaphysics, being, logic, knowledge, and theory. Since philosophers take into consideration human existence, their lessons last beyond their time. 

The greatest philosophers of all time have paved the way for our thinking and allowed us to ask ourselves questions in ways we may never have thought to. This is why the teachings of the top philosophers still hold to this day. Some of the top philosophers include Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and Confucius, however today we are going to quote from an underrated, unappreciated, and underused philosopher whose thoughts and wisdom have touched lives worldwide. 

Today we are seeking real estate wisdom from none other than…wait for it…Goofy. The lovable anthropomorphic Walt Disney dog and movie star. 

In one of his finest productions, How To Ride A Horse, Goofy teaches the basics. In this classic, he states, “The left side of the horse is the right side of the horse, which makes the right side of the horse the wrong side of the horse.”

In the last 12 months, according to MLS data, there have been 4,370 homes sold in the Coeur d’Alene market. The rural east side, which includes the 83833 zip code, accounted for a mere 45 homes sold or about 1%.  

Consider that Hayden accounted for 440 homes sold, Post Falls sold 845 homes and Rathdrum sold 494 homes. It’s almost like there is a perception that the right side of the lake is the wrong side of the lake. Why is that? I have heard many comments that include, “It’s too far” “The roads are horrible” “It has to be expensive to build there” and even “Do they have emergency services?”

There are so many great places to buy in north Idaho and I am not suggesting limiting your search, rather I am merely suggesting expanding it. I never thought I would use the following phrase, but buyers need to be more inclusive.

Riddle me this, which zip code in North Idaho has seen the highest appreciation in home values in the last decade? Which zip code currently has the highest median sales price in North Idaho? The median price for new homes listed in the CDA MLS are as follows: Post Falls $515k; Rathdrum $565k; Hayden $599k; Coeur d’ Alene $637k and Harrison $3.5mm! Shocker!!

The east side is enjoyed by many celebrities including Alex Rodriguez, Justin & Hailey Bieber, Mark Wahlberg, Wayne Gretzky, and Reese Witherspoon. What do they see in the east side? The east side has perhaps the most amazing sunset views of the lake.

Many folks are having to move out of town to get the homes they desire. The Costco rule is that most want to live within 45 minutes of the big box retail outlet. Silverwood is 23 minutes, Twin Lakes 34 minutes, Newport 57 minutes. The east side includes Mineral Ridge 16 minutes, Arrow Point 30 minutes, Carlin Bay 37 minutes, and Harrison 53 minutes. The east side is a consistent commute. The commute traveling south on the US 95 from Athol is getting longer plagued with log trucks, red lights, and more and more traffic. Traveling in on ID 41 is worse. 

Regarding the east side, it is home to the eagle and elk views. In the winter months, the skies are full of eagles. There are days when one can see over 100 eagles. The east side also has many outstanding beaches, marinas, boat launches, and airstrips. Carlin Bay now has a paved runway. Other neighborhoods include Driftwood, Gotham Bay, and of course Gozzar Ranch. Although the median price is very high, there are so many affordable places to buy land and homes. Some lots that include private boat slips, beach, and paved airstrip are at or below $200k. These same lots also have community water, sewer and Avista. There are also so many outstanding builders who are locals to the east side.

The east side’s services are nothing short of amazing, including four fire stations, multiple Kootenai County ambulances, a state-of-the-art fire boat, and one of the best volunteer fire departments in the country.

One Shot Charlie’s is a classic in Harrison and the Wolf Lodge Restaurant is a rustic old-timey lodge that offers grilled steaks & seafood with hearty sides amid classic Western décor.

Buyers are moving out to buy in different directions. Currently, I can count on one hand the lots available from I-90 to Rathdrum under $225k. There are so many building sites and amazing affordable homes on the east side. When searching properties, you need to have diversity, so you can maximize your equity and be inclusive of the east side. Not to do so is at your own financial peril and that would be just…goofy.

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