Tuesday, June 18, 2024

FALLACY or OPINION: Often the same thing

| January 5, 2024 1:00 AM

Two letters in The Press contained false statements I would like to emphasize. These are from the first letter: 1. Biden has devastated our economy. 2. Public schools are indoctrination camps. 3. Teaching our children to hate our country and freedoms. 4. Defunded our police. 5. Made cities battlegrounds. 6. Demolishing the Second Amendment on the agenda. 7. Ranked voting has ruined our society. There is no evidence for these statements. They are opinions.

The second letter contains these fallacies: 1. Immigrants will overwhelm our nation in every way. 2. Education teaching us to hate each other. 3. Males competing in women’s sports. 4. Surgical sex mutations, evil. 5. Legal marijuana increases violence. 6. Millions of babies killed for convenience. 7. Colleges cesspools for Marxist liberalism and antisemitism. 8. Removing God from everything. These are opinions.

None of these things, even those partially true, are responsible for the wrongs in our country, many of which could be blamed on our one-party dominated House of Representatives. 

And… One letter ended with the comment: “Sir, please just watch the J6 tapes.” Dave, I don’t need to watch the “tapes.” I watched the real thing on live television at the time it was happening.