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Huckleberry Havoc to open at Sixth Street Theater

Local Editor | July 9, 2024 1:00 AM

WALLACE –– Will the huckleberries be saved? Will the pie recipe be found? And will the dastardly villain ever get a joke to land?  

These are all questions that will be answered during the Sixth Street Melodrama and Theater’s summer production of “Huckleberry Havoc, or, The Villian Is In a Jam.”  

Set in the early days of Wallace, the production is a comedic throwback that will have audiences howling with laughter. The story is an original take that borrows from several different sources, the most recognizable being Dudley Do-Right. 

Directed by Paul Roberts, the show centers on the plight of Ms. Sarah Sweet, a kind girl who recently lost her father and is trying to make ends meet. Meanwhile, local ruffian Malcot Malicious has hatched a scheme involving Sweet and her family’s famous pie recipe and the hijinks ensue.  

The show has a mix of local theater veterans and a few newcomers, including Dacey Hayman, who portrays Sweet, Carl Rowe as the villain. The show also stars Joe Moore and Tina Fletcher, both of whom steal scenes – albeit for very different reasons.  

“One of my favorite things is when we get to bring in new actors and characters,” Roberts said. “Myself, Carol, and Dacey have done this before. For Tina and Joe, it’s a brand-new experience. To see them respond as actors is really fun.”  

Rowe has been an accompanist for the theater for many seasons, but in exchange for his role in the show, he handed that responsibility over to his daughter Laura Rowe.  

"Laura and Carl both are both very skilled musicians,” Roberts said. “They’ve come from an experience that puts a lot more pressure on you than a community theater and have had a lot of professional opportunities to use their talents. They’re just really really good.” 

Both Roberts and others who have had a chance to see the new show have spoken about Laura and how she reminded them of Sixth Street legend Rosemary Peak.  

“Rosemary Peak had a feel that not everyone has,” Roberts said. “Laura has that same feel for what we’re doing without having to be told.”  

The show wouldn’t be complete without the Kelley’s Alley Revue musical number, and Roberts decided to change things up this summer and put the revue at the beginning of the show instead of the end.  

“People come to the show for the full melodrama experience,” Roberts said. “During the revue, we give them a little teaser for things to come.”  

Along with his wife, Carol, Roberts takes the audience on a fun, musical adventure featuring several songs from years past, and even a little audience participation.  

“Huckleberry Havoc, or, The Villian Is In a Jam” is set to open Thursday, July 18, and will run through August 18, with shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. 

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