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Kellogg gets ready for SilverHoops

Local Editor | July 9, 2024 1:00 AM

KELLOGG –– The SilverHoops 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament is just a few weeks away and all signs are pointing toward another big year.  

The city of Kellogg and SilverHoops have always shared a symbiotic relationship, going back to the tournament’s founding in the early 1990s. Each year, the tournament brings thousands of people into the community filling hotels, restaurants, and local stores.   

In 2023, 181 teams featuring more than 700 players took to the streets of Kellogg, making it the biggest edition of the tournament to date.    

“The city has always been a huge help with putting this event on. I think it's a beautiful event because it involves the city and a ton of local businesses, all of which are well represented on the SilverHoops committee,” SilverHoops Committee member Gus Colburn said. “Walter Hadley, the former Kellogg city planner, was one of the founders of the event 31 years ago and helped set the foundation for the collaborative effort that SilverHoops is.” 

As the tournament’s popularity has grown, so has its need for additional court space and the city of Kellogg has stepped up to make sure that isn’t a problem.  

Last year, additional courts were added inside the Dave Smith parking lot on the corner of Hill Street and Railroad Avenue. Historically, Dave Smith has allowed that lot to be used for parking, so the presence of additional courts reduced the number of nearby available parking spots.  

This year, the city has installed four new post collars along Railroad Ave., which will accommodate additional court space while freeing up the much-needed parking spaces. Along with the additional post collars, the city also made repairs to the existing hoops at Teeters Field, ensuring that they’re ready for the busy weekend.  

“The SilverHoops team is excited to expand the event and are very grateful to the city for their support in expanding the court locations,” Committee member Ethan Wendy said.  

Registration is still open for the SilverHoops 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, and teams who register before July 18 will avoid the late registration fees.  

For more information or to register, visit  

The SilverHoops 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament is July 27-28.