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Marty and Max: Clagstone Ranch – The Spirit of North Idaho's Rugged Individualism

| June 14, 2024 1:00 AM

EDITOR'S NOTE: Marty and Max are starting a series on unique places to purchase and live in North Idaho. Today we are looking at the Clagstone Ranch.

Fast forward to the present, and North Idaho’s Clagstone Meadows, open to the public since 2017, introduces us to our modern-day Wyatt Earp: Dan Baker. Thirty years ago, Baker envisioned a place where his family could enjoy space, safety, and the freedom to live out the rugged individualism that North Idaho offers. “The dream was living in a very harmonized way to include nature, family, and friends, living in harmony with common values that believe in God, Family, and Country,” explained Director of Owner Relations Causja LaVe-Wohletz .

While it may not be Tombstone, Clagstone is a community north of Spirit Lake and embodies the essence of North Idaho living. Dan Baker's vision culminated in Clagstone Ranch, conveniently located about 10 minutes from amenities like grocery stores and healthcare and roughly 40 minutes from Sandpoint and Costco. Spokane Airport is a 65-minute drive away, making Clagstone the hub of North Idaho’s growth and a burgeoning destination.

Entering the 420-acre Clagstone Ranch, visitors are greeted by a security gate, a large American flag waving proudly, and a community center in the background. Several times a year, community events feature live music, water slides, horses, and more, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. The ranch consists of about 84 building lots, each owner enjoying a 5-acre parcel with power at the street, a community well with pristine aquifer water, and soil ideal for septic systems and construction.

Driving through the community with Causja, traveling down Wyatt Earp Loop to Doc Holliday Drive, it’s clear the sense of community is strong. Neighbors greeted her warmly, reflecting the supportive atmosphere. When asked what she loved most about Clagstone, Causja highlighted the community’s collaborative spirit, particularly evident during winter months when residents help each other navigate the sub-freezing temperatures.

Wildlife has roamed these lands for centuries, and Clagstone’s unique position, surrounded by state lands on three sides, honors this heritage. Bonner County partnered with the ranch to create a moose and deer path with 25-foot landscape setbacks where owners are asked not to clear trees or fences within that area, providing wildlife a 50-foot corridor of privacy.

Prospective buyers can build their own homes, use their builders, or opt for one of the community’s approved builders. Clagstone Construction is available to assist with affordable home site pads, driveways, septic systems, and lot clearing. Buyers should be aware of the area’s heavier snowfall compared to Coeur d’Alene and come prepared. The community manages road plowing, park maintenance, gate security, and water services, all for a reasonable $640 per year. Law enforcement officers and military personnel receive discounts that can be applied toward construction costs or price reductions.

Wyatt Earp helped pave the way for North Idaho, and the region’s low crime rates continue to attract new residents. While Earp might find it challenging to mediate another gunfight today, as most locals are skilled marksmen, Idaho’s balanced budget and surplus also draw people to the state. In the 1800s, people came to Idaho seeking their dreams, family values, and opportunities. Over a century later, Dan Baker alongside Chad and Alison Baker offers the same at Clagstone Ranch, taking us “Back to the Future.” Both the Baker’s and Wyatt Earp lived their futures in North Idaho, and it’s not too late for you. As the Christopher Lloyd character Doc Brown from Back to the Future said, “Your future hasn’t been written yet.”

If you know of a unique and special area, please reach out. We’d love to feature many of the great places to buy in North Idaho.

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