Monday, April 22, 2024

LETTER: Logic seems to be absent

| March 1, 2024 1:00 AM

In a recent letter, Ralph K. Ginorio bemoans environmentalists' belief in man-made climate change. He states, "Science does not deal in truth. Truth is a matter of judgement. Facts never speak for themselves."

These statements don't seem logical to me. Facts, by definition, speak where judgment or opinions do not. And they produce truth.

So I would say that facts produce truth, and that judgments do not always produce truth. 

Quite often we have one court of law overturning a judgment that was made by a lower/different court. The Supreme Court of our land has overturned previous judgments. Which of these judgments were the truth, I wonder?

One definition of judgment is "something believed or asserted." We are aware of the many conflicting beliefs or assertions that are prevalent today — and have been for some time. Which of these beliefs are "the truth" as cited by Ginorio? 

On the other hand, scientists are using various evidences in their search for the truth. A good scientist will not put forth a theory without much evidence to back it up. And a scientist is much more likely to be dealing in truth with the search for answers to what's happening around him than someone who hasn't taken time to form an educated opinion, or judgment. 

And … truth isn't automatic with opinion or judgment. Truth must be based upon fact. These days facts seem hard to come by.