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Silver Valley Sports: Feb. 26 - Mar. 3

| March 5, 2024 1:00 AM

KELLOGG –– Kellogg High School’s wrestling program is one of the healthiest in the state of Idaho. 

As one class graduates, another one joins the fold – but the departure of this one hit a little differently for head coach Scott Miller. 

“Travis Eixenberger, Jaeger Hall, Kolby Lemmon, Ramsey Rainio, Kolter Wood, Chase Morden, Maddison White, and Sophia McLain. They were a good group – a pretty impressive group,” Miller said. 

This handful of seniors represents all of the good that is Kellogg wrestling – Many of the seniors were products of the Silver Valley Wrestling Club (which currently boasts over 150 members), and they made their way through the competitive club circuit while also wrestling for the middle school team. 

When they got to high school, the impact was immediate. 

Some of them went right to the top of their respective divisions, and others had to wait their turn but provided sharp competition to the guys ahead of them. 

“I'm really proud of this group of seniors because they were the group that took our program to that next level we had been working to reach,” Miller said. “They learned the lessons of falling short and using that as motivation to take themselves to another level. They continually improved throughout their career and each had a significant role in helping us move past individual ideals while focusing on the team.”

It had been two decades since the Wildcats brought home a team trophy from the state tournament before this year’s third-place finish. 

Over that same period, a handful of individual medals had been won, including a few state champs, but this group did it all during their four years. 

In fact, these eight kids combined for 20 state qualifications, nine state medals, two state finalists, one state champion, one four-time state placer, three district team titles, and the aforementioned state trophy. 

Jaeger Hall was the group’s lone champion, which he won last year as a junior – but instead of basking in the accolades that come with a championship, he propped up his teammates for pushing him to the level that he had achieved. 

His mentality is the embodiment of the group as a whole – hard work, dedication, humility, and the willingness to give credit where it’s due. 

“They taught us the lesson that the team is bigger than ourselves, and the state trophy symbolizes that,” Miller said. “They are people of character, and character is what drives successful teams.” 



Most Valuable Player — Madalyn Green, jr., Grangeville.

First team

Mattie Thacker, sr., Grangeville; Macy Jerome, sr., Kellogg; Caryss Barger, so., Grangeville; Emily Coe, sr., Kellogg; Addisyn Vanderwall, so., Grangeville.

Second team 

Desi Humphrey, jr., Priest River; Livia Johnson, jr., Orofino; Sami Sindt, sr., St. Maries; Dani Schillereff, sr., Kellogg; Pavin Coleman, sr., Priest River.


Most Valuable Player — Britany Phillips, sr., Wallace.


Kyleigh Wolfe, so., Lakeside; Martina Rivera, sr., Lakeside; Katie Yount, sr., Genesis Prep; Ella Martin, jr., Genesis Prep; Tia Hendrick, sr., Wallace; Bethany Phillips, jr., Wallace; Destiny Lowley, sr., Lakeside.


Most Valuable Player — Lilly Reuter, sr., Clark Fork.


Eloise Shelton, sr., Clark Fork; Autumn Charvez, sr., Mullan; Hannah Thompson, jr., Clark Fork; Avah Blankenship, so., Mullan; Amari Printz-Hay, sr., Clark Fork.