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Silver Valley Sports

| March 12, 2024 1:00 AM

MULLAN –– Rosters have been announced for the annual District 1 All-Star Game this Friday, at the Mullan Pavilion. 

The annual exhibition games features outstanding seniors from throughout the panhandle, all converging on the small community of Mullan for a fun night of basketball and celebration for the outgoing senior athletes.

“To see the talent in our part of the state from 5A through 1A-D2 work together is super cool,” Mullan School District Athletic Director Stetson Spooner said. “The debates are always out there whether a small school player can hang with 4 and 5As, it's something that's talked about all year long and then we get to see it. And as a small community and small school AD I love seeing the bigger schools' stars come shine in person instead of having to just hear about it during the long busy basketball seasons. It’s nice to be able to just sit back and watch what North Idaho has to offer.”

Along with both games, the star-studded event features a 3-point shooting competition and the popular slam dunk contest.

The 3-point contest is unique in that once the gender-based competitions are over, the girls and boys champion face off to determine who is the overall champion. 

“We always have some ladies who can hoop and they don’t back down in that competition,” Spooner said. “The boys are going to have to bring their A-game if they want to beat the girls.” 

Spooner hopes the night can be about building relationships outside of the comfort zones that the kids have existed in  

“I believe that the more these kids can be talked about and meet each other the better off they will be moving forward after high school,” Spooner said. “Games like these create a lot of relationships between players, coaches, and even communities.”

The District 1 All-Star Game is Friday, March 15, at the Mullan Pavilion – with the girls tipping off at 5:30 p.m. followed by the boys at 7. 

Athletes should bring their corresponding uniform to the game. 


WEST BOYS (dark jerseys)

Neil McCarthy – Post Falls 

Jacob Yetter – Timberlake

Vaugh Higgins – Timberlake

Braydn Arrieta – Lake City

Cole San Roman – Clark Fork

Chase San Roman – Clark Fork

Ethan Howard – Clark Fork

Parker Childs – Sandpoint

Brutis SiJohn – Lakeside

Blaze Callahan – Lakeside

Liam Hendrickx – Lakeside

Simon Hodges – Kootenai

West Coach: Tom Tucker – Kootenai

EAST BOYS (white jerseys)

Logan Orchard – Coeur d’Alene

Max Entzi – Coeur d’Alene

Steve Petit – Mullan

Kofi Appiah – Mullan

Reed Whatcott – Kellogg

Alex Cleveland – Wallace

Wyatt Holmes – St. Maries

Seth Swallows – St. Maries

Kenton Ferguson – Lakeland

Ben Ryan – Lakeland

East Coach: Jonathan Adams – Coeur d’Alene

WEST GIRLS (dark jerseys)

Martina Rivera – Lakeside

Destiny Lowley – Lakeside

Brooklynn Brennan – Post Falls

Pavin Coleman – Priest River

Samantha Pound – Priest River

Marley Burgess Duquette – Priest River

Helena White – Priest River

Karlie Banks – Sandpoint

Lily Richardson – Sandpoint

Asha Abubakari – Bonners Ferry 

Markynn Pluid – Bonners Ferry

Eloise Shelton – Clark Fork

Lilly Rueter – Clark Fork

Katie Yount – Genesis Prep. 

West Coach:  Nate Frisbie – Genesis Prep

EAST GIRLS (white jerseys)

Sami Sindt – St. Maries

Britany Phillips – Wallace

Tia Hendrick – Wallace

Danica Kelly – North Idaho Christian

Symone Pilgrim – North Idaho Christian

Autumn Charvez – Mullan

Macie Jerome – Kellogg

Emily Coe – Kellogg

Dani Schileriff – Kellogg

Alex Karst – Kellogg

Kurtsten McKellips – Timberlake

East Coach: Jerry Bittner – North Idaho Christian