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Kellogg mayor’s corner

Have you been wondering what is going on along Bunker Avenue near Kellogg Middle School? This year the City of K...

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Sup’s corner

The first week of May is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s been a time to recognize hard work and dedication to students. It’s different this yea...

Updated 3 months, 1 week ago
Sup's corner

The first week of May is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week...

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Jim Wardner’s Biggest Whopper

The tall tale is a revered part of the American West’s cultural fabric. Wyoming’s notorious jackalope and the outlandish 19th-century prevarications of fello...

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Risch: Voting ‘no’ to relief bill was unthinkable

Think back to a couple of months ago, when senators only had to worry about whether to remove an impeached president. Those were the good-old-days – light work compared to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Sup’s Corner

Tuesday, March 17th, will forever be a sad memory for me. My foundations, as a long-time educator, made the decision to close our schools the most difficult ...

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This senator lives with today’s business struggles

When Sen. Mary Souza of Coeur d’Alene talks about the state of the economy – with businesses closed and staff reductions – she isn’t thinking only of situations happening to “somebody else.”

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Pelosi’s heroic protest

Letter to the Editor

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Fulcher: This is no time for fear or panic

The deteriorating economy, and hysteria over the coronavirus pandemic, is not what a sitting president should like to see in an election year.

Updated 4 months, 3 weeks ago
CHUCK MALLOY: Idaho Dems change course, go with Biden

Four years ago, Idaho gave Sen. Bernie Sanders nearly 80 percent in its Democratic presidential caucus, adding fuel to his socialistic revolution.

Updated 5 months, 1 week ago
We’ll soon see what $500 million can buy

It doesn’t take a political genius to know that a Republican presidential nominee will carry Idaho by a wide margin. As a result, it doesn’t make sense for candidates on either side to spend much time and resourc...

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Lower costs, more cures and who takes credit

President Trump has called on Congress to support efforts to lower the outrageous costs of prescription drugs, and what’s playing out in Congress is the political version of the “Me Too” movement.

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CHUCK MALLOY: And here we have ‘greater’ Idaho

Hmmm. Folks in southwestern Oregon may be onto something.

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CHUCK MALLOY: Governor has broad support for literacy goals

State Superintendent Sherri Ybarra, who taught third grade for 11 years at Mountain Home before being elected as the lead advocate for public schools, knows all about the importance of children in the early grade...