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Sup's Corner

I applaud the leaders; especially those who are humbly taking the brunt of people’s anger during this pandemic.

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House Republicans sue Pelosi over proxy voting

Imagine what the level of outrage would be if the conservative-based House Freedom Caucus – of which Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher is a member – were to declare solidarity and seek proxy voting on floor issues t...

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A lot to learn from spring, take advantage while it’s here

When you drop a turkey shell onto the ground and it goes thunk and you bend over to pick it up you have confirmed a wonderful thing:

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Sup’s Corner

The 2020 graduation for everyone, everywhere, has been met with uncertainty and sadness. In the Kellogg School District we were faced with a set of guideline...

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Foreign policy looms large in Senate campaign

If you are a die-hard Republican who puts the word “greatness” in the same sentence with Donald Trump – as many within the GOP do – then you’ll probably appreciate how Idaho Sen. Jim Risch does business as chairm...

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HUCKLEBERRIES: Wallace ready for center stage

Oldtimers will remember Turner as the glamorous leading lady of the 1940s and 1950s who played...

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A million-dollar question for Democrats

A decade ago, I was entertaining the notion of running for an open seat in the Idaho Legislature and getting a fair share of encouragement in the process. Some of my friends were telling me that I would be an ass...

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Chicken Scratch comics

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Sup’s corner

The first week of May is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s been a time to recognize hard work and dedication to students. It’s different this yea...

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Sup's corner

The first week of May is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week...

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Jim Wardner’s Biggest Whopper

The tall tale is a revered part of the American West’s cultural fabric. Wyoming’s notorious jackalope and the outlandish 19th-century prevarications of fello...

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Risch: Voting ‘no’ to relief bill was unthinkable

Think back to a couple of months ago, when senators only had to worry about whether to remove an impeached president. Those were the good-old-days – light work compared to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Sup’s Corner

Tuesday, March 17th, will forever be a sad memory for me. My foundations, as a long-time educator, made the decision to close our schools the most difficult ...

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This senator lives with today’s business struggles

When Sen. Mary Souza of Coeur d’Alene talks about the state of the economy – with businesses closed and staff reductions – she isn’t thinking only of situations happening to “somebody else.”

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Pelosi’s heroic protest

Letter to the Editor

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Fulcher: This is no time for fear or panic

The deteriorating economy, and hysteria over the coronavirus pandemic, is not what a sitting president should like to see in an election year.