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MALLOY: Risch says don’t bail on Ukraine

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t win many friends in Congress when he dismissed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as ...

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Marty and Max: Timing the market

Not too long ago I thought buying gold was a great idea, however I took the wait and see approach. At that time gold was about $250 an ounce. I waited and it...

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LETTER: DUI punishments from around the world

If you think the drunk driving penalties in the U.S. are a little lenient, you’re right. Compared to the rest of the world, the U.S.’s DUI punishments are lenient.

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MALLOY: Speaker Moyle settles into new role

After 15 years as House majority leader and 24 years in the Legislature, Rep. Mike Moyle of Star has taken one of the two most powerful positions in the Idah...

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Marty and Max: Lucky

On my first flight, Mad Dog, a legend in aviation, guided me while holding the map oen across the windshield blocking his view. I briefly looked down to chec...

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MALLOY: Moon joins right-wing rant; governor yawns

Gov. Brad Little, who by his admission is not known for his great oratory skills, must be feeling good about the quality of his State of the State address th...

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Marty and Max

I have fond memories watching John Madden as a kid. On the sidelines coaching, not on video games. I loved watching all the games back then with Ken Stabler,...

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Fulcher: Elect McCarthy, move on with business

Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, where some members of that group are standing in the way of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s que...

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LETTER: Another Hero Passes

My respect for Ed Pommerening began back when he became a school board member, and attended all meetings fresh from his job, work clothes and all.

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LETTER: In response to; Not Just a Shoshone County Issue

In response to; Not Just a Shoshone County Issue. We’re those people who moved to the area. I share the author's frustration over our increased property taxes but the real culprit is a flawed tax system.

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SPECIAL TO THE NEWS-PRESS: More than a gymnasium

It is a great irony that while the midterm elections will be an important factor in determining the fate of our democracy, a grand and sacred war memorial, built in honor of the brave men and women who sacrific...

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MALLOY: When 'privacy' does not apply

According to the Idaho Capital Sun, Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson underwent surgery recently and will be out until after the new year. He gave his proxy to ...

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MALLOY: McGrane ready for tough new job

Here’s how a transition should work. A day after Phil McGrane was elected as Idaho’s secretary of state, he had a friendly lunch with retiring Secretary of ...

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LETTER: Not just a Shoshone County issue

I'm writing this letter out of frustration like many property owners in Shoshone County. I received my tax bill in the mail and my first thought is you have to be kidding me.

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A Miracle Gift

A holiday poem from Wallace's own CornBread Wallace.

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MALLOY: Fulcher not ‘all in’ with Trump

Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher, who like many Republicans is wondering what happened in this year’s mid-term elections, says one thing seems clear.