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OP: My ranked list of Silver Valley internet providers

What is the best internet in the area?

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It is about time we the people start speaking up. I just read the letters to the editor in the Shoshone News Press.

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Words of wisdom

Question everything, do not be lead by pied pipers just because the music sounds sweet, for they lead you to a pit full of despair and agony defeat.

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What I told my son

I told my son: “do not lie, do not cheat, do not steal, be humble and kind. Give not expecting anything in return—do your giving because it is the right thing to do.

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Enforce mask use at Walmart!

I shopped at Walmart last night and in spite of a large sign at the entry saying that masks are required, it is not being enforced.

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Slow down in Wardner!

To the residents and visitors to our small city of Wardner.

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Vote NO for the State Constitutional Amendment

I write to encourage every Idaho voter to vote NO for the State Constitutional Amendment that will appear on our November 3 ballot.

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Decisions from the top not fun, but necessary

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, when almost everything was shut down, people in my Meridian neighborhood found a way to get through thos...

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Statesmanship? Debate? I think not.

Just recently, watching Ken Burns' expertly presented series on television THE ROOSEVELTS, I've been reflecting on the statesmanship that was demonstrated in the lives of both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt.

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Sprucin' up Pinehurst kudos

Another season has come and almost gone and I haven’t written our thank yous to the people, organization, churches, and business who generously donated the flowers, plants, and hanging baskets we all so enjoyed i...

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Thanks for the letter, Jon!

I want to thank Jon Ruggles for his letter "Paramilitaries In America".

Updated 2 months ago
Thoughts on militias

Jon Ruggles makes a common mistake regarding militias and the National Guard.

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Enjoy your hate

I have lived here for 5 years. I moved to the Silver Valley and bought a house that had been for sale 6 months and foreclosed on.

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Letter to the Editor: Treacherous climate change

Washington Governor Jay Inslee hit the nail on the head about climate change as the cause of wildfires in the Western United States.

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Paramilitaries in America

Recently, Americans have seen an upswing in groups of armed civilians on the streets contending they are protecting private property. These groups like to call themselves militias— they are not.

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Kudos Korner

On Aug. 20, I was awarded the Esto Perpetua Award from the Idaho Historical Society for my work as president of the Pulaski Project.