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This Independence Day, let’s unite for a thriving future

The celebration of Independence Day this year will be unlike any other.

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There’s only one way to describe this election: Historic

I’m writing to you from what we affectionately call the “Bunker.” The Bunker is the base from which, under normal circumstances, we coordinate the massive un...

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HUCKLEBERRIES: Wallace ready for center stage

Oldtimers will remember Turner as the glamorous leading lady of the 1940s and 1950s who played...

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Vote for Rasor!

May 19th, all ballots for this year’s primary election must be marked and mailed in. In these trying times with keeping our social distance, understanding how to vote, and who to vote for is mind-boggling.

Updated 2 months ago
Rasor for District 7 Rep!

I’m asking you to consider voting for Cornel Rasor for district 7 representative!

Updated 2 months ago
A million-dollar question for Democrats

A decade ago, I was entertaining the notion of running for an open seat in the Idaho Legislature and getting a fair share of encouragement in the process. Some of my friends were telling me that I would be an ass...

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Kudos to the local nursing home staff! Kudos to the local nursing home staff!

Thanks to unbelievably good attention to detail (and some good luck) on the part of Good Samaritan, Mountain Valley and Pacifica. The Silver Valley appears to continue to dodge huge tragedy and crisis. Seriously,...

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Chicken Scratch comics

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No headline

Treat both parties equally

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Sup’s corner

The first week of May is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s been a time to recognize hard work and dedication to students. It’s different this yea...

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Sup's corner

The first week of May is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week...

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Washington residents on the river

My wife and I were just up the river road, going north of Kingston, where we saw way too many Washington campers up Bumble Bee, up as far as 4.5 miles and up the Old River Road there was a whole lot more from Was...

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Jim Wardner’s Biggest Whopper

The tall tale is a revered part of the American West’s cultural fabric. Wyoming’s notorious jackalope and the outlandish 19th-century prevarications of fello...

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Follow-up on water district letter

Just a follow up on the pick and choose option.

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I just want to thank the owners and management of Silver Mountain for their early decision to stop operations.

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Stay-home order and COVID-19

Stay-home order and COVID-19